VulcaniX FireGuard.

Have you noticed all the articles in media about mobile devices that has caught fire or exploded? Did you ever think about it, and wonder if it could happen to you?
Do you have full control with all the gadgets that your kids use? Does they charge their tablet at night?
Well.. They do! And if you don't lock their tablet or phone in a draw at nighttime they will continue to do so, and to sleep with the phone under the pillow, under the blanket and wherever.. And so will many adults as well.. You think you have it under control - but this nagging feeling kind of tells you that you don't..
And it isn't because of bad quality from the manufacturers of devices, these things seems to catch fire no matter how much they cost.. Its just because of normal use, moist, wear and maybe an occasional drop to the floor (seems to be fine, right?). The devices electric connections sometimes get damaged, and the resistance in the electronic component cause the temperature to rise.. And sometimes, even if its rare: They catch fire!
So what could you do? - What can WE do?

As a last line of defence so to speak, we have developed the FireGuard App. If your device is malfunctioning and the App detects it, the app has been designed to react on that and set off an alarm to make you aware of the situation.
BUT! - You should still do your very best effort to avoid charging your devices at night or unattended, but its nice to know that for the times that you forget we have an extra chance if the FireGuard detects overheating and set off the alarm.

You know, it just might save a phone, a house or even a life..

Get FireGuard today!

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